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Set Process Stage produces an unexpected error

Jan 4 at 2:56 PM
Hi all,
did anybody tried out the set process stage Funktion? In CR; 8.1. everything went fine, but with release 8.2 the workflow generates always "unexpected errors" like the following. Does anybody experience the same?

thx and kind regards


Plugin Trace:

[msdyncrmWorkflowTools: msdyncrmWorkflowTools.Class.SetProcessStage]
[msdyncrmWorkflowTools ( Set Process Stage]

Load CRM Service from context --- OK
[Dynamics.ChangeBPFandPhase.Execute] Process stage: Vermittler Aktiv
[Dynamics.ChangeBPFandPhase.Execute] Fetching the requested Stage.
[Dynamics.ChangeBPFandPhase.Execute] Case tu update Id = 1359445e-0bc4-e511-80da-00155d686404, Name =
[Dynamics.ChangeBPFandPhase.Execute] Updating Case to Update Id = 1359445e-0bc4-e511-80da-00155d686404 Process Id = dbeafb61-0635-4c62-9803-d6779793f7b0 | Process Name = Stage Id = 17f87951-af61-471b-9e43-56c55956c730
[Dynamics.ChangeBPFandPhase.Execute] Error while setting the active BPF. Details: System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.OrganizationServiceFault]: Invalid stage transition. Transition to stage Step_55 is not in the process active path. (Fehlerdetail ist gleich Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.OrganizationServiceFault).

Error Message:

Unhandled Exception: Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: Unexpected exception from plug-in (Execute): msdyncrmWorkflowTools.Class.SetProcessStage: System.AggregateException: Mindestens ein Fehler ist aufgetreten.
bei Microsoft.Crm.Sandbox.SandboxCodeUnit.Execute(IExecutionContext context)
bei Microsoft.Crm.Workflow.Services.ProxyCustomActivity.Execute(CodeActivityContext executionContext)
Feb 11 at 12:15 PM
Hi TGreiser,
In my case is working fine. Please check if the active path for the BPF is correct.
I just tested the following example in D365 Online environment: