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Associate Entity

Mar 1 at 5:16 PM
I download the latest version for crm 8.1 and see there is a new required field that is not in your documentation. Relationship Entity Name. Which entity for the relationship would go in this field? Thanks in advance
Mar 12 at 1:04 AM
Hi jpgwtby,
I just added a new image, detailing it:

hope this helps.

Mar 31 at 12:01 PM
Hello Demian. Thanks for this tool.
But I have maybe silly question, what URL should be in the field? URL of what record ?
I have a contact and I need to relate this contact to Custom entity. So I'm launching workflow from Contact ... What URL should I set to the field ?
Thanks in advance.
Apr 2 at 12:31 AM
Hi Jercy_vz,
see this here:

Note: The Parent Record URL, is a standard feature of Dynamics CRM, taht contains the full URL of a record. In this URL you have the entity type, and the record GUID. Right now this is the only way we have to pass a "Dynamic" EntityReference (with not hard coding an entity type) to Workflows Activities. If you pass this string URL as a parameter, in the Workflow Activity you can retrieve this entity Reference.