This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.
This step allows you to modify the user settings.

For using this activity you must access here and select Set User Settings:

Then in the activity you can fill all the parameters:


The Parameters are:
  • User: Select the User to be updated
  • PagingLimit: Specify how many records per view. Value can be 25,50,75,100,250
  • AdvancedFindStartupMode: Specify AdvancedFind mode. 1:simple, 2:detail.
  • TimeZoneCode: Specify TimeZoneCode for users. Use Get-CrmTimeZones to see all options 0 for ignore the value. example of all values are here:
  • HelpLanguageId: Specify Unique identifier of the Help language. 0 for ignore
  • UILanguageId: Specify Unique identifier of the language in which to view the user interface (UI). 0 for ignore
  • DefaultCalendarView: specify the default calendar view values: 0 to Show the day by default. 2 to Show the month by default. 1 to Show the week by default

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