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This step allows you to modify the user settings.

For using this activity you must access here and select Set User Settings:

Then in the activity you can fill all the parameters:


The Parameters are:
  • User: Select the User to be updated
  • PagingLimit: Specify how many records per view. Value can be 25,50,75,100,250
  • AdvancedFindStartupMode: Specify AdvancedFind mode. 1:simple, 2:detail.
  • TimeZoneCode: Specify TimeZoneCode for users. Use Get-CrmTimeZones to see all options 0 for ignore the value. example of all values are here:
  • HelpLanguageId: Specify Unique identifier of the Help language. 0 for ignore
  • UILanguageId: Specify Unique identifier of the language in which to view the user interface (UI). 0 for ignore
  • DefaultCalendarView: specify the default calendar view values: 0 to Show the day by default. 2 to Show the month by default. 1 to Show the week by default

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