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This step allows you to execute some String Functions.

For using this activity you must access here and select String Functions:

Then in the activity you can fill all the parameters:


The Input Parameters are:
  • Input Text: text to be transformed by the String Functions
  • Capitalize All Words: Specify if you want to capitalize only the first letter or of each word
  • Padding: Pad Character: DEfine the pad character
  • Padding: Pad on the Left: Set if you want to Pad from the left
  • Padding: Final Length: Final length of the text after padding
  • Replace: Old Value: text to be replaced from source text
  • Replace: New Value: new text
  • Replace: Case Sensitive: to set if will be case sensitive or not the replacing
  • Substring: From Left to Right: to set if the substring will start from left
  • Substring: Start Index: start index char
  • Substring: Length: substring legth
  • Regular Expression: String with the regultar expression tu be executed

The Output Parameters are:
  • CapitalizedText
  • TextLength
  • PaddedText
  • ReplacedText
  • SubstringText
  • TrimmedText
  • RegexSuccess
  • RegexText

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